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Benefits of AAEE membership

Current members of the Australian Association for Environmental Education have access to three online centres:

1. Members Section
The Members Section provides a forum for exchange between AAEE members, including: the Special Interest Groups; State Chapters; e-lists; and Bulletin Boards.

2. Resource Section
The Resource Section has both public and members only areas and is a virtual library of resources online. AAEE members can download resources including the National Conference papers; education resources; research papers; and a host of other web-resources on various topics.

3. Advocacy Section
The Advocacy Section is a library and forum on environmental education issues in Australia. AAEE members can see AAEE's position papers, letters to government, and have their say on a range of issues through the bulletin board.

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What are we trying to achieve?
Working for education for a sustainable future

To have a robust national organisation with membership that is actively involved in the work of AAEE through supportive and innovative network and partnership opportunities. The AAEE strategic objectives for the incoming Executive are to:

  • Fostering of social change on environmental issues;
  • Use of sustainability principles;
  • Excellence in education using reflective practice;
  • Inclusive, democratic, collaborative and empowering approaches;
  • Use of holistic, integrated and global perspectives;
  • High ethical standards;
  • High quality research and evaluation to underpin practice; and
  • Productive international, national, interstate and sector based partnerships.


AAEE has an Executive and Liaison Council that makes decisions, plans and acts for the organisation. The constitution requires representation from at least 4 of the 7 Chapters, half of which is elected each year. The Liaison Council broadens the decision making by ensuring that there are representatives from across the nation as Chapter or Affiliate Delegates as well as representation from other functions of the organisation, for example the editors of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education, the newsletter, and conference convenor.

For a complete list of Executive and Council members please visit the AAEE website.

Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Vice President
Ms Bren Weatherstone

Vice President
Ms Sue Elliot

Vice President
Mr Maris Tebecis

Mr Robert Li

Ass Prof Hilary Whitehouse

AAEE Office Administrator
Ms Kate Elder
PO Box 996
QLD  4558              
Phone: 07 5479 1424

Committee members
Ms Jenny Dudgeon TAS
Ms Sarah Houseman VIC
Ms Sue Martin NSW
Mr Mark Caddey NSW
Ms Vanessa Whelan ACT

Editor OZEENews
Pearl Tassell

Early Childhood Special Interest Group
Dr Sue Elliot

For further details of AAEE Executive and Council members please visit AAEE website.

Journal Editors

AAEE publishes one issue of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education (AJEE) each year. It is an international refereed journal which publishes papers and reports on all aspects of environmental education. If you have articles or would like to promote innovative environmental education programs please contact our editors. Dr Amy Cutter-Mackenzie at


Australian Journal of Environmental Education (see details above).
The Association also produces a newsletter, ozEEnews, for its members that incorporate stories from the field, practitioner perspectives, reports, news and events. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please email to,au AAEE members also receive copies of AAEE e-monthly. Download a sample copy of ozEEnewsletter.

Visit the AAEE website to link up to further environmental education associations or providers of environmental information and/or environmental education.

Professional Development

Further information about AAEE professional development activities, including Conference Proceedings, are available from AAEE. The AAEE National Conference is held biennially so check the website for update information.

Member Associations

Visit AAEE for the AAEE Chapters and affiliated organisations. There are also some international environmental education organisations that we have established working relationships with who are featured on our website.


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