Geography Case Studies

The Australian Geography Teachers’ Association facilitated the writing of the following case studies. Electronic versions can be accessed on the AGTA web site. The CCE page will have an introduction outlining AGTA’s involvement in the AFSSSE DD implementation project and the links to each of the case studies.

  1. Mapping Civics and Citizenship with the SOSE Curriculum – a South Australian case study from two high schools. Compiled by Marie Quorn Smith, Trinity College Gawler and John Simpson, Gawler High School. (Appendix 1)
  2. Challenges for political sovereignty in the contemporary world – a New South Wales case study compiled by Nick Hutchinson. The case study consisting of four mini case studies for middle and upper secondary students. -Poland’s national identity

-World Bank/IMF in Indonesia as an example of international governance
-Shell in Nigeria as an example of globalisation and transnationals
-Chipko Movement as an example of increasing power of non-government organisations (Appendix 2)

  1. Human Rights – a WA case study for year 9 students. Alex James, Perth Modern School. (Appendix 3)
  2. Civics and Geography – a Tasmanian case study for middle and upper primary students. (Appendix 4)
  3. Case study of CCE PD – Queensland. (waiting to receive)
  4. Case study – New South Wales (waiting to receive)
  5. Case study – Australian Capital Territory (waiting to receive)