History Case Studies

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Queensland History Teachers Association

  1. Discovering Democracy workshop delivered by Murray Campbell at the December SOSE Day.
  2. Entries in the February and April newsletters.
  3. The State Conference – June 19-20, 1999 Working Together: current planning features a workshop being offered by a teacher from ACGS entitled "Teaching Ancient History to Year 10: Discovering Democracy".

History Teachers Association Victoria

Workshops with Discovering Democracy/ civics and citizenship components:

  1. Workshops by Gabrielle England and others
  2. National History Challenge Seminar – March 99
  3. SOSE Conference – July 99
  4. Annual Conference – November 99


Throughout nine issues of the HTAV Bulletin, which is circulated to over 1300 schools in Victoria, the following information was disseminated in 1998/9:

Information on the DD Programme and the contents of the kits. Information as to where extra kits where available for purchase. Explanations on the theme of the National History Challenge in 1998.

Phone Queries and on-line help:

Many queries answered by phone/ e-mail/ or web site as to where the kit could be ordered. A number of schools had not received the accompanying CD ROM.

DD In-Service in Canberra x 2 staff members from HTAV.
DD related meetings:
Dr John Andrews – Dr John Andrews – Dept of Education
Ms Gabrielle England
Mr Mike Rowland

History Teachers Association Western Australia

 History Teachers Association New South Wales

Discovering Democracy and/or related issues were discussed at the following events:

Professional journals have also been used to advertise the Guide to using the DD Materials.