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Moranbah State School

Moranbah State School

Discovering Democracy Unit Outline

Development Team:44
Sandra Kenman – Edserve Consultants/AFSSSE
Moranbah teachers


To develop a 16 week unit of work with the following characteristics


Terms 3 and 4 1999 Discovering Democracy activities SOSE Outcomes
Week 1 People Power: How did the Freedom Riders escalate the campaign for justice for Aboriginal people?

Activities 1 and 2. Modify Activity 3 to include only the CD ROM use. Activity 4

TCC4.2, CI4.1
Week 2 Activities 5 and 6. Concentrate on group work so that photocopying of handouts can be restricted.
Week 3 People Power: How did groups of Australian workers bring about improvement in working conditions?

Activity 1. Add activities on local issues (mining employment issues, shift work, impact on community, working conditions, union issues)

SRP 4.5 TCC3.2 TCC3.4
Week 4 Activities 2 and 3
Week 5 Activities 4 and 5
Week 6 Activities 6 and 7
Weeks 7 and 8 People Power: What have equal pay campaigners done to remove some of the discrimination against women in employment? Select and compact activities to cover in two weeks.  

SRP4.5 CI3.2 TCC4.4

Weeks 9 and 10 In what ways can popular movements achieve change?

Select and compact activities to cover in two weeks.

SRP4.4 SRP4.5


  • Semester Break


    Weeks 11 and 12

    Move section from Middle Primary book to use in Year 7.

    Rules and Laws: How are laws made in Australia and What makes a good law activities.

    Use videos from school library How Laws are Made and other relevant material (CD on Queensland Parliament?)

    SRP3.4 TCC3.3
    Weeks 13 and 14 The Law Rules: Who makes the laws? Activity 3

    Should the courts be independent. Should people be equal before the law? Compact activities for two weeks.

    SRP3.4 SRP4.1 TCC4.4
    Excursion to Brisbane: Parliament House and Court System

    Weeks 15 and 16

    The Law Rules: How does the law rule in Australia today? SRP3.4
    Next topic The Referendum: Link to The People Make a Nation TCC3.2 TCC3.4 SRP3.4 SRP4.1

    From: Sandra Kenman