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Indigenous Experiences Of The Australian Democratic Process

An Overview:

The following units of work were produced in collaboration with the Aboriginal Studies Unit at Curtin University. We hope that teachers will utilise the resources in their immediate area in the implementation of the units. We hope that establishing links with Indigenous groups within the community will be both a valuable and beneficial experience. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to make the activity sheets as generic as possible to give teachers the flexibility to incorporate a more localised approach. Please utilise local resources where possible,

We have included a list of web sites that may be useful for:

  1. Giving some useful ideas and starting points for the teaching of indigenous students.

  2. Providing teaching and learning resources.

  3. Finding out more about the issues and trends relating to Indigenous education.

It is advisable that teachers access some professional development. It is suggested that any professional development should focus on three areas:

  1. The building of content knowledge of indigenous history and experience.

  2. An understanding of the ways in which Indigenous and Non-Indigenous relationships have developed.

  3. The Development of links within the community.

The Reconciliation Learning Circle Kit is an excellent resource to utilise to address all of the above.

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Western Australian Units

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