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Understanding How Legislative Power Is Exercised In Our Federal Democracy

The unit will enable students in subjects such as Legal Studies, Economics and Politics to understand:

  • How and why Australia developed a federal system of government.
  • The nature of legislative power sharing under our Federal Constitution.
  • How and why this power sharing arrangement has changed over time and what tensions this has created between the Federal and State levels of government.
  • The paradox for democracy that arises when both levels of government in our Federal system grapple with important social and technological issues
  • How both levels of government may approach such issues from different perspectives, even though they essentially represent the same ‘body’ of voters.

The History Of Democracy And Enterprise Education

This case study assists teachers to link knowledge of the history of democracy in Australia, to secondary school courses focusing on workplace practices or enterprise and career education. The work context is appropriate when learning about the history of democratic action in Australia`. Australia was the first country in the world to legislate for eight-hour day working conditions. The growth of trade unions for workers illustrates democratic processes. Anti-discrimination practices in the workplace illustrate how democratic Australia values the multicultural nature of Australia’s population. Training Package. clearly

How Do Governments Make Decisions In The Australian Economy

The aim of this unit is to demonstrate how selected materials available in the Discovering democracy Secondary Kit might be used in the teaching of Economics courses in the Senior Secondary School. Economic policy making in Australia is the result of the input of many people within our society and it is essential that all citizens understand how they can contribute to, and influence, the framing of economic policies in Australia.

Democracy At Work

The aim of this unit is to relate the Discovering Democracy materials to a topical legal and social issue. The reason for focussing on a current issue is that students may be expected to have some background information on the topic, either through the media or from personal experience, they will be able to relate this unit to. They should immediately see the relevance of the topic to a major social issue confronting Australia today.

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