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Secondary Schools in the Redland Shire Qld – Planning for Celebrating Democracy 2003

Background Information:

Meetings have been held with Frances Nattrass, Sandra Kenman AFSSSE, a number of Heads of Department, secondary schools, and Redland Shire Council presenters.

Aim: Raise awareness of the Young Citizens Program, Redland Shire Council, determine needs of secondary school teachers and plan future activities.

Note:  Boxed sections in blue added by AFSSSE Project Officer.

AFSSSE suggests the following notes could be used for discussion at teacher professional development meetings or as stimulus for students investigating the history and nature of democracy.


  1. How does the speaker’s address link with our current teaching for responsible citizenship?

  2. What values of responsible citizenship might we apply from the address?

  3. What are the future possibilities for using the Discovering Democracy resources to explore responsible citizenship?

Notes from Teacher Reference Group Meeting:

Possible topics for students and teachers to use when preparing for Celebrating Democracy Week 2003.

  • Sustainable development

  • Town planning

  • Stradbroke and environmental impact issues

  • Tourism and North Stradbroke

  • Role of local government

  • Prac session on water quality

  • Biology/multi-strand topics – links with Indigiscapes

  • Local area/local personalities – biographies – link with English

  • Heritage Week

  • …

Sandra and Frances assisted the HODs to submit a proposal for funding through the Discovering Democracy grants to host a Civic Expo in Local Government Week 2003. This Expo could be used as a unifying tool – an opportunity for teachers to link Council services to learning. Teachers plan to develop a cross curricular task for this purpose. An example might be:

Teachers and Students of SOSE, Science, Health, Art, Business, Technology, English – secondary schools

Teachers and students might access the Discovering Democracy CD Parliament at Work

The buildings, roads, waterways, planning, services and types of residents in the Redland Shire have changed. Investigate how town planning and technologies have been used in the past, and currently, to protect the environment while at the same time meeing the needs of residents.

Visit the Civic Expo during Local Government Week, invite a speaker to your group, visit Council services and/or use the Discovering Democracy materials, to gain information on:

  • Local environmental issues – wildlife, weeds, native plants

  • History of the local area

  • Changing technology

  • Art and craft – local and near neighbours

  • Town planning

  • Protecting our water and waterways

  • Civic action and the Redland Shire Council

  • Developing environmental and business plans

  • Marketing an idea

  • Testing water quality and treating water

You may present your response in one of the following forms:

  • Scientific report

  • Essay

  • Visual artistic presentation – this could be displayed at the new Art Gallery at the end of the year eg "Visions of Stradbroke", "Our Place and Near Neighbours"

  • Map or plan

  • Brochure

  • Other

If funding is available, schools will consider organising a breakfast during Celebrating Democracy week to display student work. Student work could also be displayed at the new Redland Art Gallery.

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